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Luca Baumann at IMAC Europeans Freestyle and EXFC 2023

Congratulations to Horizon Hobby and SpektrumRC team pilot, Luca Baumann, for his recent results at the IMAC Europeans Freestyle and EXFC 2023. Guided by the Spektrum iX20 transmitter, Luca placed 2nd place in freestyle and 10th place in the IMAC Unlimited Class. At the EXFC he placed 2nd and 3rd place in jet classes.


Spektrum Wins at the 2023 IMAC Nationals!

Guided by the Spektrum iX20 Transmitter, Team Horizon Hobby pilot David Mosser wins the Unlimited Class at the 2023 IMAC Nats.


Spektrum SkyID Remote Identification Module

Horizon and Spektrum are proud to announce the SkyID Remote Identification Module. This module will be available closer to the remote id compliance date of September 16th, 2023. SkyID will be under $100.00 and provides GPS features through Spektrum telemetry but is also compatible with non-Spektrum radio systems as a standalone device.

Horizon Hobby and Spektrum are committed to ensuring that all our customers have the information needed to be in compliance with this new rule. Additionally, we will be providing educational materials and introductory pricing on SkyID. Most customers who fly at an AMA-sanctioned field have no need to worry about adding remote ID equipment if the field is an approved FRIA. However, it is up to the user to determine if they are in compliance and whether or not they need to install an RID module into their aircraft.

You can find more information regarding Remote ID Compliance on the FAA website:


New Spektrum™ MS6X™ Motorcycle Stability Technology

Losi product developers teamed up with the engineers at Spektrum RC, innovators of AS3X and SAFE, to reinvent those stabilization technologies not only for a surface vehicle, but one with only two wheels that requires balance to work. Patent-pending Spektrum MS6X continuously calculates bike's positioning relative to gravity, takes into account the inputs from the transmitter, and gives the proper outputs to throttle and steering to push the bike towards the correct desired positioning. Learn more about the new Spektrum MS6X Motorcycle Stability Technology Here.


Dakotah Phend Wins Big At 2023 ROAR Nationals

Driven by the Spektrum DX5 Pro Transmitter and Spektrum SS6295 Servos, Dakotah Phend is back-to-back Nitro Buggy Champion at the 2023 ROAR Nationals. This is #2 for the Phenom and #29 National titles total. Amazing effort by DP and to the entire team! He also finished on the podium in Nitro Truggy making it a supremely successful weekend of racing.


The New Spektrum NX20 is Now Shipping

Starting May 19th, the Spektrum NX20 20-Channel Transmitter is available to purchase from US retailers and online through Share your experience with us through our social channels and let us know what you are flying!


New Lower Prices on Smart Technology Products

Starting April 10th, drivers and pilots can now enjoy the Spektrum Smart Advantage for less with new lower pricing on Spektrum Smart Technology products. Now it's the time to gear up for the flying and driving season. Choose between Smart G1 and G2 batteries, Powerstage bundles, and Firma Motor and ESC Combos.


Drag Racing Launch Mode Now Available

Big update for the DX5 pro and DX5R transmitters is now available.


This update adds our newly developed Launch Control menu that is specifically geared towards perfecting your Drag race times and speed runs. This new option allows the driver to control the duration of time it takes to reach full throttle as well as adjusting points in the throttles curve to effectively ramp the throttle to the user’s preference.

Learn more here -

Important Update for Powersafe receivers

This update improves AS3000 functionality and user friendliness. Please see the change log for full details on this and past updates.


Download the Powersafe Change Log file here.

To install this update, you will need our SPMA3065 USB Programming Cable and the Spektrum PC Programmer App found here.


When flying basic foam, wood, or fiberglass, electric, gas, or glow powered models at typical distances, the signal-to-noise ratio (radio link) is very favorable providing a robust control link even in the noisiest of RF environments. With more complex aircraft like turbine jets, giant scale aircraft etc. that are equipped with systems (like turbine engines with metal tail pipes, large fuel tanks, large gas engines, retracts or anything else that is made of metal or carbon) or are flown at great distances, proper radio equipment selection, installation and testing can be critical to provided and verify adequate radio link performance. This is especially true for transmitters that are EU compliant (EU-328) with limited EIRP power output (<100mw).


Spektrum systems offer features and functions that allow you to optimize and test your Radio Link performance prior to flight, on the ground and then in the air providing you with exact information as to how each component of your system is performing in actual use.

Click here to read more about John Adam's recommended tips that will allow you optimize your installation and to safely evaluate the RF link performance even before flying.

Team Horizon Pilot wins the coveted FXFC extreme aerobatics competition in France.

Jase uses a DX20 and iX20 exclusively for Demos and Competitions.


Jase Dussia and Mattia Zeni for a first and third place finish at the FXFC in France! FXFC is Europe's, and possibly the world’s, most fiercely fought freestyle aerobatic event. This year had dozens of impressive participants but it makes us super proud to see #TeamHorizon pilots taking the win! Especially at the very highest levels and using our Spektrum RC transmitters and receivers!

Welcome to the New!

A modern update to get you closer to everything Spektrum RC.


Welcome to the new Spektrum RC website! Learn more about our exclusive technology, enjoy our new comparison features, get all your Spektrum firmware and software updates, and best of all, you can now do all your shopping right here for all your Radio Control needs! One important thing to note is that if you previously had a Spektrum account, all your data and registered products are still there with the same look and feel, but now as part of the My Spektrum RC landing page. Go to this MySpektrum link and you will be greeted with the same look and feel that you are familiar with from the original Spektrum RC website, making it simple for you to navigate and get what you need.

If you have any feedback or questions please connect with us via social media at or email us at

Thank you for being a Spektrum user!
~Spektrum RC Staff