***REORD SPM20300

Spektrum - Item No. SPM2030F
3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating
DX3.0 DSM 3CH Pistol w/ 1-Z270 Sx & 1-Z590M Sx
DX3.0 DSM 3CH Pistol w/ 1-Z270 Sx & 1-Z590M Sx
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Key Features

  • Built-in 2.4GHz DSM technology
  • DX3 3-Channel DSM Transmitter
  • SR3000 3-Channel DSM Receiver
  • Z270 Standard Race Servo
  • Z590 Hi-Torque Race Servo


Spektrum's no-pins, no-interference, no-glitch DSM 2.4GHz technology ignited a revolution among high-end racers. Starting with RF modules, we made it possible to adapt existing pro-style transmitters to this breakthrough technology for dramatically improved performance.

Now, we're introducing the world's first DSM 2.4GHz radio. With the new Spektrum DX3, you'll have a 3-channel system loaded with great programming features combined with built-in, ultra-fast DSM modulation. It couldn't be easier.

You'll never have to select - or wait for - a channel again. Plus, glitching from motors and metal-to-metal "noise" will be a thing of the past.

Detailed Information

Who wants a car that doesn't track like it's on rails? With the DX3's digital steering trim, you get it perfect every time. And like all the following features, your setting is memorized every time you turn off your transmitter.

STATIC BRAKE-Some setups and courses requiring lots of steering will benefit from precisely adjusted static brake at neutral-to enhance weight shift for more "turn-in." Conversely, if your car's steering is aggressive, a few clicks of "creep" will be your ticket to faster laps.

When heading into the corners, do you hook from too much panic brake? Relax. A few clicks with a thumb rocker will give you less brake-and more control. Nitro racers on the other hand, can add more brake to offset fade in those long mains.

Let's say your steering rate's set for the tracks tightest turn, but you begin to lose "bite" as the race progresses. No problem. A few blips of added steering-using a thumb rocker-will put you right back in the groove.